Things I love about living in an Airstream

Airstream  Sovereign (Alternatively titled Things I don’t miss about traditional housing.)

I’m here to turn that frown upside down, negative Nancy! Last week I posted things I miss about traditional housing. But today, I’m here to post the things I love, which greatly outweighs the things I miss.

1. No rent! The Airstream is bought and paid for. At the moment, I have no rent and no mortgage. How many people can say that?! This no rent thing is helping us to save, save, save.

2. The energy savings. Our power bill is significantly lower than a standard apartment’s bill. That’s cash in the bank, baby! And I feel good about doing our part to save energy. Captain Planet would be proud.

3. The ability to travel. Want to head to the beach this weekend? We can do that and take our house with us! We’re pretty much turtles. Ninja turtles! Cowabunga dude! (We’re having a real early 90’s kid flashback here, if you haven’t noticed.)

4. The limited space. I know it sounds nut-zo, but the limited space is freeing. It took me about 5 minutes to clean the bathroom today. I don’t have to buy a bunch of furniture or stuff to “fill” the space. I know I can’t buy a bunch of clothes because I have no where to hang them. Less space is just easier.

5. The learning experience. Fixing up the Airstream was Renovations 101. Fixing a house. might be a Advanced Renovations, but at least we now know the basics.

6. The bonding experience. This experience is what rom-coms are made of. Newly married couple, fixes and lives in an Airstream without killing each other! They laugh, fight about something dumb and still like each other in the end!

7. We own something. Unlike renting, at the end of the day, we own this Airstream. Even if sometimes she’s a pain in the rear, we still own our home outright.

8.  The freedom. The Airstream has given us freedom in so many ways. We don’t live in debt. We have few bills and few belongings. George now has the ability to work for himself. And that, my friends, that is priceless.

love and thankfulness,


11 thoughts on “Things I love about living in an Airstream

  1. habitsofthought

    Awesome! You are really inspiring! The fact you’re able to save money now will mean so much for your future. And the renovations you made are beautiful. Your airstream looks much better than my apartment!

  2. debralambers

    Hi There!

    I too own an Airstream and am single! I’ve been traveling here and there with her and hope soon to be living full time on the road.

    You may appreciate and even identify with my post, ‘Big Joe and the Incident.’ 🙂

    You are mucho inspiring!


  3. mandyjoy

    So amazing! I dream of restoring a vintage airstream.I love the idea of simple and intentional living. What a lovely blog you have! So inspiring. Keep posting!

  4. Stacy

    Can I ask where you park long-term and if that is also a free spot? Does it come wil electric and water? Thanks! We are just starting up a similar dream:

      1. Stacy

        I ran across the answer late – much later – into the night and site. Thanks for responding! We probably won’t be putting down roots…

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