Airstream Remodel Update: Part 2…3…or is it 4?!

bench in airstream trailer I’m one of those people that sometimes has trouble seeing the final product. Are you ever that way? Before we did all this remodeling it was hard for me to see past the blue carpet and smell past the funk.

But the Airstream is finally getting to the point of where I can imagine myself (happily) living in it. I get a little excited feeling in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it. Or maybe I just need an afternoon snack.

In the picture above you can see that George built us a bench! I painted it and my next job is to make a comfortable cushion and lots of pillows for the bench. I love pillows. (Or as I pronounce it pell-ows. It’s a southern thing?)

Taking out oven in Airstream

Here you can see where we took out the old oven. We also found our friend, Stewart Little‘s home in here. We’ve found more creatures in this thing than I care to mention. Let’s hope they don’t like our new oven setup.

love and excitement,


3 thoughts on “Airstream Remodel Update: Part 2…3…or is it 4?!

    1. lovelibrarianmelanie Post author

      You are welcome! I love seeing your renovations too! They look amazing!

  1. Honeybunch & pops

    Digging your record collection bro,& sis. Tell us what type tunes you grove to & we will check our collection for doubles . We run with your life style. My honey bunch digs George’s beard as mine has hair & beard are all WHITE now, Santa you know, but the grandkids pop to it !
    Bless y’all and keep up your script sis. Living the good life !!! With Christ baby ?….. Peace to all.

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