Never Before Seen Wedding Photos!


As you guys know, my wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings. While I was totally honored to be on the blog, they didn’t pick my favorite photos. Wedding blogs, in general, are really interested in the details of it all. But I really didn’t care too much about the little things. Yes, I made my bouquet, but I didn’t carry it. It felt unnatural. I carried a purse instead.

So I decided to share some of my personal favorite photos today!

942470_10100399052672446_1147552471_n 577642_10100399052328136_927283539_n 394540_10100399054518746_762294373_n 311539_10100399055861056_1341165238_n Weddings aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. But it sure is amazing.


4 thoughts on “Never Before Seen Wedding Photos!

  1. Jeff

    Fabulous photos! I was about to say how much I loved the “hair-thingy.” Then I saw Lillian’s comment. I, too, loved the “haircomb.” 😀

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