Gifts for Male Teachers

gifts for male teachers

Being married to a male teacher and being around male instructors all day as a librarian made me think: Male teachers kinda get left out when it comes to gifting. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest for teacher gifts, but most of them are geared towards female teachers. So, I thought to myself, “Self! We need a good reference for male teacher gifts!” Here are a few gifts I’ve thought of that are a little more manly.

1. The mug above! I created it using a sharpie, a dollar store mug, andĀ this tutorial. Then, IĀ filled it with my husband/teacher’s favorite coffee beans.
2. Supplies! This is a no-brainer for teachers of any gender. Every teacher (and librarian) I’ve ever known would love to get a basket full of supplies, such as hand sanitizer, tissues and nice pens. Teachers (and librarians) often have to buy supplies with their own money.
3. Gift Cards! Gift cards can be for supplies, if you are unsure what the teacher needs. As an art teacher, my husband loved to get gift cards to Michaels and Hobby Lobby. As a librarian, I’d love to get a gift card to Amazon!
4. Money! It may seem a little impersonal, but teachers are underpaid. Money is always a welcome gift and can be used to buy much needed supplies.
5. Time! If you can’t afford a gift, but would still like to support a teacher, many of them would love to have your time. My husband would love to have a parent volunteer their time to help him clean his classroom. Art is messy!

Got any more ideas for teacher gifts? Leave ’em in the comments below!




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